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Trend List

Trend List

Lots of inspiration, mostly for print projects.

The Trend List is “exploring visual trends in contemporary graphic designs”. 

Sounds proud. Writing a little less lofty, we get a collection of inspirations divided into categories, coming mainly from the world of print.

The site – not sinful with beauty – focuses on maximum simplicity. On the left, we see the works selected by the authors, and right next to them, smaller pictures, with thematically related projects, which is to illustrate that there is actually a certain trend in the use of a given technique.

What’s popular now? Gradients, text following a certain shape, neon colors, centering the content, different font directions, underlines and so on. By clicking on each of the items, we can go to the website of the creators, but also – what is key – click on the indicated trend to see further suggestions.

Items within the category are grouped by years. In this way, we can find out, for example, that neon colors were very popular until 2015, but are now losing their relevance. 
If, of course, we take the choices of the authors of the Trend List as a determinant.

An interesting experiment can be to click on one of the countries in the list on the right. In this way, we can check what ideas appear, for example, in projects from Poland. Most of the items were collected from Germany, which seems to indicate the home of the Trend List.

Note: This last aspect is a warning. Do we actually watch the most popular world trends or just a collection of proposals that are interesting according to the authors of the portal? The decision is at the discretion of the users.

Trend List for free

All website functions are available for free.


A large collection of inspiration for people interested in printed works, with a valuable division into categories and trends.