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750 words

750 words

Learn to write 750 words every day.

The ingenious 750 Words website has one aim: to help all stakeholders achieve their goal of writing 750 words each day. This is a great incentive and motivation not only for professional writers or screenwriters, but also bloggers.

750 words is about two pages in Polish, if we take a standard Word file and a size 11 font. It seems to be a lot, but – as the author of the tool explains – it does not have to be a diary or documents prepared in perfect Polish and without one error.

“The idea is that if we get into the habit of writing every day, it will help to clear the mind and allow ideas to flow unhindered for the rest of the days,” reads the description of the concept.


“I used this exercise to think aloud without worrying about my ideas not being fully formed, to random topics, private things, and other issues that we often completely filter before we say or write something,” adds the author.

Sounds good. The prepared tool is completely private. What’s more, as the creator points out, it is not a blog platform or social networking site, where all thoughts are most often poured out in public.

Other useful options: a large white screen on our thoughts, scrolling by itself as we write, almost like a typewriter (although without equally cute sounds), plus automatic saving of progress and a counter, thanks to which we always know how much is left to the limit 750 words.

Hint: statistically speaking, words written in English are shorter than those in Polish, but less of them are needed to express the same content. So you can say that when using 750 Words in our language, we work “above the norm”.


750 Words also offers an interesting scoring system. One point for writing anything, two points for reaching 750 words, another point for writing anything daily, and so on. This is an additional motivator.

There’s also a set of stats for authors: we can see the days we missed or completed, the start time and words per minute, and even how many longer breaks we took before reaching our destination.

750 Words for Free

All website functions are available for free.


Interesting exercise and motivation for everyone who wants to organize their thoughts before the start of the day or who have problems with meticulous diary keeping.