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Test the appearance of your ads on social media.

AdParlor allows you to instantly check how the ads we prepare will look like on various social networking sites.
This way, we can make changes and corrections before we even spend the money on the campaign.

Currently supported websites are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Each of these pages has many places where your ads and posts can be placed, so there are quite a few combinations to explore: 24 to be precise.

The application allows you to fully customize the appearance of all elements of the ad or post so that they look exactly as they will in reality.
In the case of Facebook, we can, for example, not only display the appearance of the advertisement, but also the image and name of the publishing page, action button, links, and even add the number of comments and a number of reactions: likes and various facebook faces.


The same is the case with all websites available in AdParlor. Importantly, we can immediately check how the prepared ad will work on mobile devices, separately on iOS and Android.
Who would have thought iOS didn’t bold Twitter username.

After finishing the configuration – if we want – we can save the effects to disk in the form of PNG files presenting the selected ads.
An interesting option in the case of Pinterest is also the option to copy the code of the created Pin.

AdParlor for free

The application is available entirely for free.


Great – simple and fast – social media ad testing tool.