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Daily Page


A tool to help you create the habit of everyday writing.

The Daily Page is a website that, by means of various options, tries to make us a habit of writing smaller or larger content every day. After all, as the famous saying goes, practice makes perfect.

“Whether you write down your own thoughts or write a new blog post, the habit of writing is one of the most effective ways to achieve your writing goals,” the authors assure, and it’s hard to disagree.

Contrary to its name, the Daily Page doesn’t assume we’ll write one page a day. We can set our own goal, such as a slightly broader number of pages per week, or simply the number of words per day.

To get into the habit of writing everyday, the developers of the website even offer the option of sending reminders to an email address, which can of course be turned off. It is even possible to set the appropriate time zone so that you do not receive similar notifications in the middle of the night.


An interesting function is suggesting topics that we can write about. 

The Daily Page has a ton of them, like “What’s your most common excuse? What would happen if you stopped using it? ” These types of short thoughts encourage thoughts that we pour onto the screen.

This pouring is done through a transparent editor, devoid of unnecessary options and embellishments – there is text and not much else. We can, of course, turn off the topic hints and go to the element.

An additional motivator is the statistics screen, where we can view our own progress, but also a scoring system that rewards regularity.

Daily Page for free

No free option. We have to pay: $ 5 a month or $ 48. a year in advance.


Efficient help for people who do not know what to write about, as well as a good exercise to train regularity. The downside is the lack of free access – 750 Words is a good alternative .