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A phone application that helps you develop habits.

Productive is a free tool that helps you build a daily routine built with good habits. We set goals, then track progress and watch how the number of completed plans grows.

The gamification of life in all its glory.

It is best to start by setting the tasks: meditation, dragging, walking, walking the dog, a good meal, taking medication. We can enter any phrase, choose the appropriate icon and set the color.

The interface of the application is clear and easy to use. Each of the goals can be set for a specific time or for less specific times: morning, afternoon, evening. For this, a separate option to be repeated: daily, once a week or once a month.


Interestingly, thanks to one of the latest updates, we can even turn on notifications based on where we are at the moment. Are you in the park? Don’t forget you were supposed to run today!

After that, it is enough to live – of course, fully complying with the assumptions of the schedule. This will allow you to enjoy the growing number of green balls, marking dates with full goals achieved. On the summary screen, we can view the number of such “perfect” days and several other statistics.

Productive for free

All the basic functions of the application are available for free.

As befits a mobile program, there is no shortage of digital transactions. Thanks to the subscription, we will unlock, among other things, an unlimited number of “habits”, better reminders and statistics. Prices start at $ 3.99 per month.


Productive is a valuable tool for developing habits and habits, if, of course, one of them is not the desire to reach for the phone less often.