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IC Project

IC Project

A powerful project management tool.

IC Project is “probably the best project management tool in a company” – as the authors from nGroup studio in Kielce assure.
The application offers a number of tools: from planning, through execution, to invoicing.

As befits such an extensive project, describing all the possibilities does not make much sense. It is worth taking a closer look at the general features and characteristics.
We implement projects mainly by creating plans and groups of tasks, and then assigning them to specific people.

During work, in a clear layout of “tiles”, it is possible to assess the state of implementation and the costs of the project, if we assign an additional dedicated budget to the tasks. The goals to be achieved are based on the popular system of kanban cards.

Tasks are divided into two groups: tasks for the user and tasks that we have assigned to others.
This way, you can quickly see when our deadlines are ending, what goals are most urgent, how employees are doing, and so on.

IC Project is also a built-in calendar that allows you to create events and meetings. 
At this point, we can not only preview the due dates of the tasks performed but also schedule a meeting, for example, simply by selecting other users from the list.

For this full integration with Google Calendar or iCal.

The application “is an excellent tool for monitoring and controlling projects, and in the case of small and medium-sized companies it will be perfect as a control tool for the entire company” – reads the description. 
The “resources” screen will help you to check the implementation of the assumed budgets, as well as generate monthly, quarterly and annual reports.

IC Project allows you to plan not only specific tasks but also the use of human resources, machines, goods, or materials, including the registration of employees’ working time using a clock.

And that’s not all.
The Polish application offers each user their own home page, where we can add a number of selected widgets.
There is also a module for vacation management, a built-in communicator with attachments and group calls, or a CRM to support contacts with customers.

IC Project for free

The basic functions of the application are available for free. The fee of 49 euros per month is a larger disk for the team (5 GB), a larger user limit (10) or the possibility of invoicing.


IC Project developers advertise their application as a combination of Asana , Jira, Basecamp, CRM and Slack. It sounds ambitious, but there doesn’t seem to be too much exaggeration. It is a really powerful tool.