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Powerful editor for working with vector and raster graphics.

Gravit tests the limits of what range of tools is available from the browser level. As it turns out, the possibilities are almost endless. 

We get a full-fledged graphics program, including records on the server “in the cloud”.

Experienced developers take care of the appropriate quality of the project. The developers of the software are the well-known company Corel from Texas, responsible for many popular – mainly in the past – solutions, such as CorelDRAW, Video Studio and the famous PaintShop Pro. Do you remember

We can use Gravit from the browser level, but also download the application to almost any device. The program has low hardware requirements and works on macOS, Windows, Linux and Chrome OS.

Describing all the available options does not make much sense – there are too many of them. We start by choosing a template or adjusting the file size by hand, and then we go to work.

We operate on layers, as in any modern graphic editor. 

We add shapes and text, there is also a pen for creating curves or polygons and a knife for cutting, and all tools have been supplemented with a very rich package of additional settings.

At any time, we can use the built-in library to insert into the design one of dozens of ready-made shapes, illustrations, icons, emojis, stickers, frames, and lines with interesting shapes. 

There is a lot to choose from. We can also create our own symbols.

Then just use one of the saving options, including the key SVG format for creating vector files.

With a little practice, the app will open up the possibilities, allowing you to create quick website and mobile app designs, vector icons, presentations, illustrations and so on. No, it’s not Illustrator, but Gravit is a pretty interesting alternative to Adobe.

Hint: the File – Save button is used to save files on the server “in the cloud”, if you have an account in Gravit Cloud. For “standard” saving, use the Export button on the right side of the main menu.

Gravit for free

The basic features of the program are available for free, but a premium variant has been recently introduced which is essential for some more advanced applications.


Powerful graphics editor. Not as advanced as Illustrator, but free and offering a full suite of the most used features.