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Free alternative to Photoshop.

“Photoshop in the browser” sounds ambitious, to say the least, but Pixlr is doing everything it can to match the giant’s capabilities. 

Moreover, directly from the level of a web browser – and also for free (although there is also a Pro version).

We start, of course, by creating a file. An advantage is immediately noticeable in comparison to competing graphics programs available in the browser, because the creators took care of the Polish language version.

You can quickly see some disadvantages: you need to turn on Flash, which is becoming more and more rare these days. It is still not very troublesome, and more disturbing are the advertisements placed on the right side of the screen, significantly limiting the place to work.

 It’s also annoying that you just need to hover over the word “Upgrade” to open a new tab.

Enough complaints. In addition, we get a full-fledged graphic editor, based on a well-known layer system, such as Photoshop.

 The top menu bar includes not only basic image and color modification functions but also a rich set of filters for quick application.

On the left, we have a classic toolbox with a palette of options: cropping, moving, selecting, lasso, wand, pencil, brush, eraser, paint bucket, gradient, stamp, drawing, sponge, handle, magnifier … We know all these items from there, and they work same as we can expect.

After selecting a tool, a list of modifications appears on the bar above.

Sounds familiar? We can change the brush and pencil types, set the tolerance for fill and wand, specify the type of gradient, and so on.

After you finish your work, just save your work. There are several formats available: JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, or PXD. The latter type is the PSD equivalent, but intended for Pixlr – a file ready for editing, with layers.

Pixlr for free

All application functions are available for free. The Pixlr Pro edition costs $ 5 per month. It allows, among other things, to export to PSD, and also provides thousands of ready-made templates and hundreds of fonts to use.


Powerful graphics editor. Not as advanced as Photoshop, but free and comes with a full suite of the most commonly used features.