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Powerful online graphics editor.

Sumopaint is one of the web graphics editors that still use Flash technology. Therefore, it is not difficult to compare it to the similar program Pixlr .

Hint: at the very beginning, we recommend that you switch to the Polish language version by clicking on the flag in the upper left corner of the main application window.

Then we can get into action. We start, of course, by starting work on a new, empty file, or by loading an existing photo or project. We get a full-fledged graphic editor, based on a well-known layer system, like in the famous Photoshop.

The top menu bar includes not only basic image and color modification functions but also a rich set of filters for quick application.

 On the left, we have a classic toolbox with a palette of options: cropping, moving, selecting, lasso, wand, pencil, brush, eraser, bucket with paint, gradient, stamp, drawing, sponge, handle, magnifier …

It is practically a clone of the Pixlr mentioned above, with the unpleasant difference that some of the icons in the toolbox on the left are marked with the word “Pro”.
This means exactly what you expect – you have to pay for the use of these tools.

There would be nothing terrible about it, if not for the fact that some of the basic elements are limited, such as inserting text, stamping, and even inserting circles and lines. What’s worse, we can still use the tools, but nothing happens when we release the mouse buttons.

Sumopaint for free

Some of the basic functions of the application are available for free. However, there are also Pro items, unlocked after paying a fee. Prices are low, starting at $ 2 a month.


If we are talking about photo editors made in Flash technology, Sumopaint offers almost exactly the same as what we can find in Pixlr . 

At the same time, it limits many basic options for Premium accounts, which Pixlr does not do – so this application is the better choice.