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A mind mapping tool.

A mind map is a popular way of recording information, helping to break down data into prime factors and – apparently – activate the synergistic cooperation of both hemispheres of the brain. 
The Coggle service helps in creating such unusual “graphs”.

After logging in and completing a short questionnaire, we go straight to the wizard.
Now all that’s left is to create our tree of thoughts, alone or with invited colleagues.

Note: the creators found it quite unusual that the only way to log in to their website would be a Google account.

The Coggle is simple to use, and all the information you need is displayed on the help menu in the corner of the screen. 

By creating successive branches, we can enlarge and reduce them, symbolizing their importance. There are also basic editing options, such as bold and italic text.


Many more options are provided by the Markdown formatting system, which is fully supported by this application. 
However, if the text alone is not enough, we can quickly add an image or use the built-in, rich set of icons.

At any time, we can go to the full screen to present the created map, share the link or simply save it to disk, in PDF or PNG format, but also as .mm, for use in FreeMind.

Coggle for free

The basic functions of the website are available for free. The fee is $ 5 a month or $ 50. per year means lifting the limit of three private diagrams, connecting branches, a few starting points, and a few other additional options.


The perfect tool for supporters of the mind map concept, with all the necessary options gathered in a clear editor.