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Virtual notebook designed for the creative industry.

See an example of how I use Milanote:

Milanote is a virtual notebook that combines the essentials of Evernote with options that are a bit like moodboarding tools.
The application offers a place where we can gather ideas and inspiration related to a specific topic.

We start with creating a project. Using the example proposed in the interactive demo, it could be, for example, building a house.
We get aboard on which we can put almost anything we like.

The basic options are text: longer and shorter notes, with basic editing and formatting features such as bold, headings, italics, lists, links, code, citation, color, underline and strikeout. It should be sufficient for most applications.


The next field is a link to the website.

Milanote will visit the address and put the link’s logo on the board – we can determine if we want to display it – and an automatically created description.

Further possibilities to be inserted into the “to-do” list and an arrow if we want to pay attention to something.

The next icon – Board – is a more extensive option for creating nested arrays. We edit these in the same way, creating a dependency map and quick databases with photos, references, links and anything else.

We can also “throw” any image and other file onto the board by using the button in the menu on the left or by simply dragging it onto the screen. Dragging to the base of the Milanote interface, also used to move already created elements and create new ones.

A quick set of templates is a good idea to turn on. We can quickly create an outline for a moodboard, brief, calendar, team structure and so on.

Export options are important.
Our table can be exported entirely as PDF or PNG, or converted into plain PDF, Word, Markdown and txt documents.

Milanote for free

Most of the application’s functions are available for free. Restrictions are the number of items (maximum one hundred notes, photos and links) and files (ten). The limits are lifted by a fee of $ 120 a year.


An interesting app for notes and inspiration. It offers fewer options than some competing services, but it makes Milanote faster and easier to use.