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Automate adding social media posts.

The number of social networking sites is constantly increasing, whether we like it or not. 
As a private individual, we can choose where we want to do business, but as a company we have to appear everywhere often. Managing various accounts in one place is facilitated by external services such as Buffer.

The website supports all the most popular platforms: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest. 

The work begins, of course, with linking our accounts on these websites to publish posts straight from the Buffer level.

Related accounts will then appear in the pop-up bar on the left side of the app. 

The next step is to create entries. In the main window, we simply mark on which websites we want to publish, which will enable the appropriate forms.


Application algorithms offer basic automation functions.
For example, let’s start by creating a Facebook post by adding an image and a short text to it. Now, if we additionally check Twitter and Instagram, the same content and illustration will already be inserted, waiting to be sent or modified to a specific page.

Of course, Buffer uses API libraries of all supported social networking sites. This has other advantages as well, as it allows you to see accurate stats for likes, followers, and so on – all gathered on the stats pop-up screen.

Collaboration in a team is also possible. Depending on the selected settings, the added users will be able to either post directly or their entries will have to wait for the administrator’s approval.

Buffer for free

The basic functions of the application are available for free. This means linking up to three social media accounts and creating ten scheduled posts.

The cheapest subscription – for $ 15 a month – is already 8 accounts, 100 scheduled entries and Pinterest service.

 Team collaboration subscriptions start at $ 99 per month.


Efficient help in handling multiple accounts on social networking sites.