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Managing various social media profiles from one place.

Social networks are everyday life today. Not everyone has to like them, but it cannot be denied that they are a great place for promotion, contacts with users or searching for customers. Managing various accounts in one place is facilitated by external services such as Hootsuite.

The application supports all the most popular platforms: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. We start using the website, of course, by linking our accounts on these websites to publish posts straight from the application.

All linked accounts will appear as tabs on the home screen.

We can not only post messages, but also view activity and reply to comments immediately. 
The whole thing is a bit like TweetDeck, if we take into account that Hootsuite is used not only for Twitter, but also for other social networking sites.


An important element of the application is planning the publication of posts.

The creators have prepared some interesting solutions, apart from simply setting the date and time.

For example, we can put the control over publishing into the hands of the application, which will automatically unfold the entries so as not to create too large “holes” during the day.

Collaboration in a team is also possible. Depending on the selected settings, the added users will be able to either post directly or their entries will have to wait for the administrator’s approval.

Hootsuite for free

The only free version is a 30-day trial, unlocking access to the basic plan, priced at $ 19 per month.
This translates to 10 social profiles and one user.


Hootsuite is a powerful and complex tool for managing activity on social networks.
Unfortunately, there is no free access. A Buffer is suitable for simpler applications .

There is also mass adding entries via CSV files, an extensive calendar view with all plans, content control from the mobile application or even a Chrome browser add-on that allows you to publish interesting things as soon as you find them on the web.

Importantly, the application creates a database of all posts on an ongoing basis, so if we have been using Hootsuite for a long time, we can use the built-in search engine to quickly find content for republication.