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Easily and quickly crop images for social media platforms.

The landscape is another confirmation of the popular saying that “there is an application for it”.
Whatever activity on the web we come up with, probably someone has already automated it.
It is no different if we want to quickly and efficiently crop images for use in various social networks.

We start by selecting the picture, and after a short while we move on to the selection of services.
There is a galaxy of the most important positions: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and YouTube.

We select one or more items, and then choose what kind of cropping the image we are interested in: profile photo, image for the header of the page, channel icon, video thumbnail and so on.
For each social networking site, we indicate separately, due to different requirements and sizes.


Before downloading the cropped photos to the hard drive, we can still adjust the cropping.
The app does a pretty good job of automatically selecting a key area, but we can always make some final touches.

At the end, we get a ready download package, packed immediately into a ZIP archive. Nothing easier!

Landscape for free

All application functions are available for free.


Great tool for cropping photos with social networking in mind. We do not have to worry about the technical requirements of individual pages, but only choose a photo and enjoy the effects.