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A simple tool to generate nice graphics for social media.

Creating interesting graphics for social networking sites is an art in itself. Fortunately, we don’t have to bother with graphics programs to create an engaging illustration for Twitter or Facebook, because tools like Pablo come to the rescue.

After completing the initial tutorial, go straight to the application window.
At the top we indicate the general template, and on the left one of the finished photos. Of course, we can also load an image from the disk using the button at the bottom.

We see the illustration in the middle, and the key – as the creators of Pablo want – to engage users of social networking sites is to add an appropriate signature on our work.
To enter text, simply double click on the “canvas”.

We add text using the built-in tool, equipped with a number of fonts (without Polish characters), as well as a few additional options such as bold, justification, size, color and so on.

A set of interesting possibilities can also be found in the menu on the right. Most importantly, size: different on Pinterest, different on Twitter and Facebook. Pablo makes life easier by immediately framing the picture properly.
There are also some filters to apply, such as Contrast, Blur, and Color Modification.

The masterpiece prepared in this way can be immediately published on Pablo in social networks, but also downloaded to disk.

Pablo for free

All application functions are available for free.


Efficient and easy-to-use tool for preparing graphics for social networking sites. There are no fonts with Polish characters.