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Why You Need A Virtual Assistant?

Why Do You Need A Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistants are those employees who work for you remotely. They do not come to the office to perform their duties. Business owners have felt an increasing need for a VA.

Some business owners cannot imagine their lives without a VA. They leave most of their routine work to VAs to buy themselves some free time. We have brought some of the reasons which will motivate you to hire a virtual assistant.


Find a few reasons why you need a VA.

To reduce workload:

You can delegate a lot of your work such as accounting, bookkeeping, copywriting, etc. to a virtual assistant and reduce your workload.

VAs are highly skilled in their job. Also, they are dedicated and perform their duties with the least monitoring.

Thus you can count on them, leaving both your work and your work-related stress to them. This frees up your ample time that you can use at some other place, which you think is more important and requires your attention.

To reduce cost:

When you hire a VA who works from a remote location, you do not have to pay for expenses such as office rent, office equipment such as laptops, printers, etc. Also, they work at a lower price compared to an office assistant.

This is because you can hire them from any location from around the world.

In addition, when you get better quality work and on time, it helps increase the efficiency of your other business activities that are related to the work of the VA. For example, if your VA is writing content for your blog post, it will increase your traffic.

This, in turn, will increase your sales and so the manufacturing department will have more work. This cycle goes on for every industry for different departments.

Thus, VAs save your operational and administrative costs.

To reduce work stress: When you delegate work to VA, you empower responsibility and accountability too. When the work is done by someone else and takes responsibility, your work stress is reduced.

Also, when the VA delivers excellent results, it is indeed overwhelming. Additionally, when some of your tasks are ready at hand, for example, if you are traveling, you do not have to worry about booking a hotel room for your accommodation, it makes you feel relaxed.

This enables you to perform your duties better. 

Why you need a VA

To focus on essential tasks:

In a company, several jobs are to be accomplished.

Various activities from low-income generating to high-income generating have to be undertaken to run it successfully.

You can assign low-income tasks to VAs and concentrate on high revenue-generating activities.

This helps you grow your business as you can explore new opportunities and do not waste your time on tasks you are not expert at or that doesn’t require your attention.


VAs are available whenever you need them:

Unlike office assistants who are available only for a fixed-time (generally 9 AM-5 PM), virtual assistants are available whenever you need them.

You can ask them to work on weekends or anytime in the 24-hour cycle. They are always ready to work. One reason that you can take help from a VA any time is that you can hire them from a country with a different time zone.

If you need the VA to work at night, you can hire one from a country that has more than seven hours difference from your country.

These VAs from such countries will work at lower prices. You will be saved from the additional charges that you need to pay if a VA asks an additional amount for working at night.

Strengthen your week area:

Since you cannot do all the tasks yourself, some because you do not have time while others who do not have the required knowledge. In this case, you can hire a VA.

Delegate some tasks to him, such as copywriting. This will help you strengthen your week area and help build your brand successfully.

Why you need a VA
Although VAs provide extra-ordinary services, some people still do not feel the need to hire a VA or are simply against the hiring of a VA. A few reasons that they quote not to hire a virtual assistant are:

You don’t trust VAs:

The VAs work from a remote location and do not meet you in person.

You do not trust them. You do not want to share your company information with them.

Also, due to less monitoring of the work, you feel that the VA may not perform as per your expectations.

But, here is a solution to these vulnerabilities.

Follow these steps to make your VA work as per your requirements.

  • Explain what you need and coordinate between and at the end of the project.
  • Communicate with the VA at least twice a week through video calls usin my tools like zoom. This will increase your confidence level in the VA.
  • Initially, assign small tasks to the VA or assign them in parts if you want to share a big job. This will keep both of you away from any confusion and misunderstandings.
  • Never share crucial confidential information. At least not initially.

You are a small enterprise:

If you are a small enterprise, you may feel that hiring a VA may add additional costs to your pockets.

You do not have that much budget, and you can work a little harder to complete the tasks yourself, or your limited employees will do the job for you.

First thing, you cannot do everything. Either you do not have time to do all the tasks of the company yourself, or you do not have the expertise to perform all the tasks.

Whichever case you fall into, you do need a VA. VA will perform routine activities. It will provide you with some leisure time that you can spend anywhere, including finding new opportunities for your business.

Also, they will complete the work in a better way as they have experience in their field.

VAs does not work in your industry:

Several business owners feel that the VA may not work in their industry may be because your industry deals in some complex objects or for some other reason.

But this is not true. Vas can work for every industry. They may not be able to do some tasks that are core industry-related.

But some job is always a possibility. For example, they can book a hotel room for you. They can write content for your website and social media channels, respond to your emails, create PowerPoint presentations, etc.

You prefer to do the work alone: If you are of a mindset who does not like to communicate with others often, you may fall into this category.

Other reasons maybe not having trust in others (as mentioned above), you do not trust the abilities of others, or for some other reason, you want to complete your work yourself.

But think twice. This feeling may decline your productivity and hampers your business growth.

This is because, when you do all the work yourself, you get exhausted, you gradually lose interest in your work, you do not get time to focus on critical business aspects and new opportunities.

Delegating tasks to VA will help you free up some time and pay attention to other essential tasks. 

So try to trust others and delegate.

Initially, you may not like it, but when you see how well the VA is performing, you will believe that it is indeed one of the best options you chose while in business. 

You don’t know what to delegate:

It could be a reason for you not delegating. Many people do not understand what they should delegate and end up assigning wrong tasks.

In this case, you can face difficulties, and hiring a VA may not sound useful to you. But this does not make you more efficient. 

The solution is that you divide your work based on routine vs. occasional, low-income generating vs. high-income generating, easy vs. complicated, time-consuming vs. non-time-consuming, etc.

After this division, delegate what you feel low-income, time-consuming, routine, less important, etc. and keep the rest complex tasks to yourself.

This will make your delegation process easy.

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Alden Darville
Alden Darville
8 months ago

Ok, now I would also love to work with a virtual assistant, and I will definitely allow them to share a few creative ideas to grow my business.

Matt Tonks
Matt Tonks
8 months ago

Recently I hired a VA, she is expert in offloading my mundane tasks,this literally add more productive hours to my day.

Trish G
Trish G
7 months ago

Business scaling requires additional manpower, it increase work-volume.

Jolene Kent
Jolene Kent
7 months ago

Outsourcing your work always cost less.

Jacob Thames
Jacob Thames
7 months ago

Time is money.
especially in business.
VAs definitely save lost of time.

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