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Setting Up and Working With ClickUp

ClickUp is a tool I work with everyday to assign tasks to my employees.

Please be aware! I often hear people saying “I do not use ClickUp, because it is too complicated”.   
I do not use 90% of the feature’s in ClickUp 🙂 
ClickUp keeps growing (recently they have raised $400 million, a Series C funding that the company confirmed values it at $4 billion),
and every week I get an email from Clickup about some “new, wonderful features”.
I just use the basic ones.

Before Clickup, my company was using Asana, and before that, Trello. 
We switched from Asana, because it did not have a function of assigning roles to employees, and since I have over 60 of them, I need to have some sort of control.


Below, I have gathered the most important videos from official ClickUp account, that will help you when starting your adventure with ClickUp.

The only tool I use except CickUp to communicate with my employees is Slack.
I use it for live chat.  Why? Read this nice small conversation I had with Clickup over a year ago. I do not know if they fixed it, but I just got so used to Slack, and it’s functionality that I still use it in all of my businesses. You can find a separate page with tutorials here ( click).  


Please be aware: I am not a ClickUp affiliate, nor I gain any money for recommending their software.  I am solely presenting what I use in my company to effectively cooperate with over 60 outsourced employees.

All the videos come from the official ClickUp sites.


When you start watching videos, make sure to set up the resolution to 1080p.
I also strongly recommend clicking the full screen button.

I have put the most essential short clips at the very beginning. If you feel you need additional information, feel free to watch the longer videos posted at the end of this page.

Onboarding in four minutes

Learn how to create your ClickUp account and Workspace so you can start being more productive.

Intro to ClickUp Views

Get an aerial overview of ClickUp’s views! Learn how they connect to the hierarchy, spot the different types, be amazed by the potential for customization, and convert to having all your work in one place!

Intro to Key Features

Get a tour of key features you can start using right away. See what notifications, slash commands, goals, reports, favorites, the multitask toolbar and templates can do for you.

What are Folders and Lists?

Folders and Lists are located right in the middle of the ClickUp hierarchy, and are essential to its success! Learn how to organize them in this short video.

How to add Guests

Giving different types of access to my workspaces is the reason I have a paid plan. That is what made me move from Asana to ClickUp.

Guests are people that have limited access to Folders, Lists and tasks that you share with them. Learn how to invite them to your Workplace (and set permissions) in this short video.


With Profiles, you can ensure that no one ever forgets a task again. This feature gives you a window into everyone’s responsibilities, so that you can add reminders, make adjustments, or see what they’re working on next.

The ClickUp Chrome Extension

ClickUp’s Chrome Extension makes it easier than ever to stay productive and get things done quickly— no matter where you are on the web! Create tasks via email, mark up screenshots, and so much more in just a few clicks.

Beginner Demo

If you’re just getting started with ClickUp or have never used project management software before, this is the demo for you.

Fun Fact: I watched this video for the first time when creating this page, and even though I have been using ClickUp for over 3 years now, I found out a lot of new things from this small clip. As I wrote earlier, I do not use 90% of the functions 🙂 

Intermediate Demo

This demo will help you get started with ClickUp, and is perfect for those who have some prior experience with project management.

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